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Yamaha 1984

Yamaha electric guitars catalog 1984

1984 edition catalog.

SFX(Limited production 180 pieces), SG-1000NW(300 pieces), SA-1300W(60 pieces), New SJ Series SJ-700HR, SJ-700HM, SJ-600SR, SJ-600SM

SG series guitar SG-3000 Custom, SG-2500, SG-2000, SG-1600, SG-1300T, SG-1300-24, SG-1300, SG-1000-24, SG-1000N, SG-1000, SG-510

Stratocaster models ST-1000R, ST-1000M, ST-800R, ST-800M, ST-600R, ST-600M

Stratocaster models ST-500R, ST-500M, ST-400R, ST-400M, ST-360R, ST-360M

STH series STH-1000R, STH-800R, STH-500R, STH-500M, STH-400R

Les Paul models LP-1000, LP-800C, LP-600, LP-500, LP-400

BB series bass BB-3000, BB-2000, BB-1200, BB-X, BB-VII, BB-VI, BB-V, Short scale BB-2000S, BB-VIIS, BB-VIS

Precision bass models PB-500R, PB-500M, PB-400R, PB-400M, Jazz bass models JB-600R, JB-500R

Semi-hollow SA series SA-2500, SA-1800, SA-1300, SA-900, Hollow body AE-2000, AE-1200

Guitar amp VX and F series

New PSE Series Effects and Accessories

Mar. 1984

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