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Yamaha 1987

Yamaha electric guitars catalog 1987

Large catalog in 1987

Image photo with Yamaha bike.

Image photo with Yamaha bike.

RGX series guitars RGX-1212R, RGX-1220R, RGX-812R, RGX-820R

RGX series guitars RGX-612R, RGX-620R, RGX-503R, RGX-512R, RGX-520R

RGX-812E, RGX-820E, RGX-512P, RGX-503P, RGX-612D, RGX-620D, RGX-610R, RGX-610M

Session II series guitars Session II-903P, -912P, -503P, -512P

Session II-812, -820, -612, -620, -612P, -620P, -603P, -512, -520

HR-I, HR-III, FZ-1000

SFX series guitars SFX-I, -II, -III

Maniac series

RGX maniac series guitars RGX-611S, RGX-610S, RGX-610S/M

RGX-510S, RGX-510S/M, Session II-610S, -610S/M, -503P/M

MB maniac series bass guitars MB-IIIPJ, MB-IIIG


RBX series bass guitars RBX-850R

RBX-500R, RBX-550R, RBX-800E, RBX-550D, RBX-500

BX-1, BX-5, GX-1, Accessories

BB series basses BB-5000, BB-3000, BB-2000, BB-X, BB-850, BB-650, BB-550

SG-3000, SG-2000, SB-1000, AE-2000, AE-1200, SA-2500, SA-1800, SA-1300, SA-900

SDS series effects, Diversity wireless systems, Guitar and bass amps

Marshall amps

Mar. 1987

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