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Yamaha 1988

Yamaha electric guitars catalog 1988

This is a large format catalog. It is a general catalog that includes electric-acoustic guitars, amps, and effects.

The Contemporary Series is a line of relatively new models of electric guitars.

RGX series guitars RGX-1212J, RGX-1220J, THC-823J, RGX-820J

RGX series guitars RGX-612J, RGX-620J, RGX-611J/M, RGX-611J, RGX-512J, RGX-503J, RGX-520J

Session II series guitars Session II-912J, -903J, -712J, 703J, -512P, -503P, -503P/M

SFX series guitars SFX-I, SFX-II, SFX-III, HR series HR-I, HR-III, Headress guitar GX-I

The Contemporary Series bass guitars line up.

LB series bass gutiars LB-I, LB-I JJ, LB-II, LB-II JJ

MB series bass guitars MB-I PJ Custom, MB-I Custom, MB-II Deluxe, MB-III Special, MB-III PJ Special, MB-IIIG Special

RBX series bass guitars RBX-850R, RBX-600R, RBX-550R, RBX-500R, Headless bass guitars BX-1, BX-5

APX series electric acoustic guitars APX-50 Custom, APX-20, apx-10, APX-10T, APX-8, APX-7, APX-5, APX-9-12, APX-10N, APX-6N, APX-10S, APX-8S, APX-6S

Traditional line up.

SG series guitars SG-3000 Custom, SG-2000, SG-1000, Semi-hollow SA series SA-2500, SA-1800, SA-1300, SA-900, Hollow body AE series guitars AE-1200, AE-2000

BB series bass guitars BB-5000, BB-3000, BB-2000, BB-X, BB-650, BB-850,BB-550

Yamaha original tremolo units, Rockin' Magic-Pro and Vintage-Pro

Pickups and circuits

Body, neck, maintenance methods.

SDS seris effects and wireless systems

VR series guitar amps VR-6000, VR-5000, VR-4000, VR-3000, G100-212III, G50-112III, G100-112III, bass amp B100-115III

Small amps HR-2000, HR-1500, HR-1000, HR-3000B, HR-2000B, HR-1000B

Oct. 1987

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