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Yamaha 1993

Yamaha electric guitars catalog 1993

1993 Spring Edition catalog



Pacifica Custom

Pacifica 912J, 921, 912JM, 921M

WED Custom, SG-3000, SG-2000, SG-1000

IMAGE Custom, Deluxe, Standard, AES-1500, AE-1500, SAS-1500, SA-2200

Attitude series bass guitars ATTITUDE Limited, Custom, 75M, 65, 65M

TRB series bass guitars TRB-Custom, 6P, 5P

BB-5000, BB-3000, BB-X

YG series guitars YG-820DR, YG-1221MR, YG-821DMR, YG-621MR, YG-521MR, YG-821D

YG-1212, YG-1221, YG-612, YG-621, YG-512, YG-521, Tak matsumoto model MG-M II G, MG-M II

MG-K II, MG-Standard, MG-II RS, KK-I, TRB-S

MB-75, MB-65, MB-55, BX-1, BX-5, Left Hand models PACIFICA 912JL, SG-1000L, YG-612L, ATTITUDE 65L, BB-XL

YGS-112P, RBS50, YGX-121FP, YGX-112P, RBX-MS200






SDS series effects

Guitar amp SR300G, Speaker cabinet SR412, Bass amp SR400B, Speaker cabinet SR215B, SR160B-115, SR80B-115

Guitar amps AR-1500LIVE, AR-1500R, AR-1500, AR-2500, Bass amps AR-1500B, AR-2500B, Stereo guitar amps VR-6000, VR-4000, 2 channel guitar amps AVR-5000, VR-3000, Electric Acoustic guitar amp APG15

Marshall amps, Effects, etc.

Apr. 1993

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