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Yamaha 1995

Yamaha electric guitars catalog 1995

1995 YGD new line up catalog

YGD Philosophy

Pacifica, designed in the U.S.A.

Pacifica CUSTOM, 912J, 912JM, 921, 921M

Pacifica 904 and semi-order system

RGX series

RGX 821D, 821DMR, 621D, 421D, 421M

AES-1500, AES-1500B, AEX-1500, SA-2200, SAS-1500

SG-3000, SG-2000, SG-1000, MG Standard, MG-II RS, MG-KII

MG-IIS, MG-special, Tak Matsumoto model MG-M Custom, MG-M III, MG-MIIG, MG-MII

Stevie Salas model Pacifica CUSTOM, Kyoji Yamamoto model HR Custom, Issei Noro model NI-1,Kenji Kitajima model KK-1

MGS-Custom, MGS-Standard, VG-Custom, VG-Standard, YGX-121D, YGS-112T

Electric Acoustic APX-10C, APX-8CS, APX-6CS, APX-7CN


Billy Sheehan model bass ATTITUDE Limited II, ATTITUDE Special

John Patitucci model TRB-JP, TRB-6, TRB-5, Tetsuo Sakurai model TRB Custom, TRB-6P, TRB-5P

Nathan East model bass BB-NE, BB-NE selected, BB-N5A, BB-3000, BB-X

MB-75, MB-55, MB-40, MB-Special

RBX-40, RBS-50, BX-1, BX-5 and Guitar/bass amps

Soldano collaborated tube amps T100C, T50C, T100, SR100-212, SR100-112, SR50-112

Bass amp SR160B-115, SR80B-115, SR400B, SR215B



Marshall Amps and MTR, Effects

Nov. 1994 Issue

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