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Yamaha 1996

Yamaha electric guitars catalog 1996 (1995-10)

1996 catalog, but the date of issue is Oct. 1995.

Philosophy of YGD

Pacifica series guitar

Pacifica USA2 with warmoth body and neck, Seymour Dunkan pickups.

Pacifica Custom, 904, 904M, 904SF, 904MSF

Pacifica 604W, 312, 112

Pacifica semi-order system

RGX series

RGX821D, 821DMR, 621D

RGX521D, 521DM, 421D, 421M, 121D


MG-M Custom, MG-MIII, MG-MIIG, MG-MII, SG-3000, SG-2000, SG-1000

AEX-1500, SA-2200, SAS-1500

Yamaha Electric Guitar 30th anniversary models, SG-175B, SG-7AS, SG-12AS

Kyoji Yamamoto model HR Custom, Issei Noro model IN-1, Kenji Kitajima model KK-1, Chage model MGS-Custom, MGS-Standard, Asuka model VG-Standard


Attitude Limited II (Billy Sheehan model), Attitude Special

TRB-JP(John Patitucci model), TRB-6, TRB-5, Neck-thru model TRB-6P, TRB-5P

Nathan East modelBB-NE, BB-NE Selected, BB-N5A, BB-3000, BB-X

BB Limited

MB-75, MB-55, MB-40, RBX-40, TBS-50, BX-1, BX-5

Guitar amps T100C, T50C, T100, SR100-212, SR100-112, SR50-112

SR Series bass amps SR160B-115, SR80B-115, SR400B, SR215B

AR-1500, AR1500LIVE, AR-1500R, AR-2500, APG15, AR-1500B, AR-2500B, VA-5, VA-10


Marshall amps, Casette MTRs, Effects, Drum machines

Oct. 1995 issue

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