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Yamaha 1998

Yamaha electric guitars catalog 1998

1998 edition catalog

Philosophy of YGD

Mike Stern model Pacifica 1511MS

Pacifica Custom, 821DX

Pacifica 721DH, 721J, 721JH

Pacifica USA2, Pacifica 904, 904MSF

Pacifica 812WX with Seymour Duncan pickups, Pacifica 604W

Pacifica 604WH, Pacifica 302S

Pacifica 312, 112, 112X, 312H

Pacifica Semi-Order System

RGX-821D, 821DMR

RGX-521D, 221DH, 121D, MG-MIIG, MG-MII

Masayoshi Takanaka model SG-T2, SG-200MT, SG-3000, SG-2000, SG-1000

AEX-1500, SA-2200, SAS-1500, AEX-500

HR Custom, IN-1, KK-1, MG-HK, VG-standard


Billy Sheehan model Attitude Limited II, Attitude Special

John Patitucci model TRB-JP, TRB 6II, TRB 5II

Nathan East model BB-NE, BB-NE Selected, BB-N5A, BB-G5A, BB-G4A, BB-G4S

BB Limited, BB Limited 5

BB Standard, BB-3000, BB-X

BB Semi-Order System

About semi-order system parts.

Medium scale basses MB-50, MB-40H, MB-40, RBX-360

Guitar amp SR100-212, SR100-112, SR50-112, Bass amp SR80B-115, SR160B-115, SR400B, SR215B, DG guitar amp DG100-212, DG-1000

AR-1500LIVE, AR-1500, AR-1500R, AR-2500, APG15, AR-1500B, AR-2500B, VA-7W, VA-5, VA-10


Marshal amps, effects, MTR

Jul. 1998

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